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Where do natural hazards happen and

how do we prepare for them?

Tsunami Unit 


 Lesson 1         Tsunami: Japan 2011, Tsunami Images    
 Lesson 3        Mapping to the Real World
 Lesson 4       no handouts for this lesson
 Lesson 5        Evaluating Solutions, Design Solutions, Solution Cards, Matrix, Reading Page, Ryoishi Case,
                            Ryoishi and Kamaishi
 Lesson 6        How Are Tsunamis Detected
 Lesson 8        Engineering Self-Assessment
 Lesson 9        Evacuation Planning, Project Options, Natural Hazards References, Rubric, Family Plan, Peer Feedback Handout,

Media and Interactives

StoryMaps: Where do tsunamis happen?

                    Comparing all earthquakes to earthquakes that cause tsunamis

                    What type of earthquakes cause tsunamis?


Tracking real-time Natural Hazards​ around the world

Tsunami warning sounds
Student Handouts, References, Readings

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