Image by Shot by Cerqueira

Why do we see patterns in the sky,

and what else is out there we can't see?

Space Unit 


Student Handouts, References, Readings

Full Student Edition

 Lesson 1         Gerardo Aldara, Thebe Medupe, Jesse FerrariAnnette Lee, Making Sense, Gallery Walk
                            Patterns in the Sky, Systems Modeling Scaffold, Listening Group    
 Lesson 3        Observations, Shape Patterns
 Lesson 5        Data Sheet
 Lesson 6        Apple Cannon, Apples and Orbits
 Lesson 7        Data Sheet, Small Solar System Objects
 Lesson 8        Star Data, Modeling Multiples, Observing Physical Model, Loon, Panther, Guided Peer Interactions, Extraterrestrials
                            Peer Feedback
 Lesson 9        Scientific Text, Extremophiles
 Lesson 10     Life in Our Solar System
 Lesson 11       Observing Stars
 Lesson 12      Orbits, Light Curve Data, Star System, Kepler
 Lesson 16      DQB, Drake Equation, Pale Blue Dot
The Descent of the Feathered Serpent
Wombat Season

Lesson 1: Podcast Guide for Students: Structure


Lesson 3: Moon's Orbit Interactive

                 Farmer's Almanac: Moon Phase Calendar, 2020

Lesson 4: NASA Eclipse Website

Lesson 5: National Geographic: Tide

                 Moon Orbit Simulation

Lesson 6: Newton's Cannon

                 NPR's Mini-Moon

Rebirth of Selemela
As it is above, It is below

Lesson 7: Solar System Scope


Lesson 12: Kepler's Tally of Planets

                  NASA Exoplanet Explanation

                  Zooniverse Exoplanet Explorers

Lesson 13: Astronaut Jeff William's Twitter

                  PhET Prism Interactive

                  NASA 5 Ways to find a Planet


Lesson 14: TED Talk: Lucianne Walkowicz

                   List of discovered exoplanets

                   NPR Starting your Podcast

Lesson 15: National Geographic: Black Holes

 Lesson 13      Obtaining Info

Podcasts and Media/Interactives