How could buying candy affect orangutan populations in the wild?

Palm Oil Unit 


Student Handouts, References, Readings

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 Lesson 1         Initial Model, Reading Palm Oil, Orangutan, Ingredient Map, Oil Palm Distribution,
                            Orangutan Population    
 Lesson 4       no handouts for this lesson
 Lesson 7        Sim 1 Investigation Sheet
 Lesson 8        Sim 2 Investigation Sheet
 Lesson 9        Monarch Butterflies, Gotta Have It
 Lesson 15      no handouts for this lesson

StoryMaps: Lesson 6: Orangutan in Protected Areas StoryMap

                    Lesson 11: Prairie Strips StoryMap

                                      Shady Grown Coffee StoryMap

NetLogo Simulations: 

                    Lesson 7: Orangutan Forest Model 1

                    Lesson 8: Orangutan Forest Model 2

                    Lesson 14: Palm Farm Design- 1-farm model

                    Lesson 14: Palm Farm Design- 5-farm model

Lesson 14: Crop Calculator Tool: Excel, Google Sheets

 Lesson 13      Changing Populations Assessment