How do living things heal?

Healing Unit 


 Lesson 1         Hospital ER Report, Post Op Report, Recovery Plan, Evidence for Healing,
                            Healing Initial Model, Stories, Pre-Unit Letter Home    
 Lesson 2       Mapping the Chicken Wing
 Lesson 9        One Cell Making Two Similar Cells
 Lesson 10       Fish Tank, Archaea, What are Bacteria?, Yeast, Lifespan of Cells, E. coli, Obtaining Info from Scientific Text
                             What Do Bacteria Need?
 Lesson 12       How Healing Happened Chart, How Does Healing Happen?, How Do We Support Healing?, Images of Swelling,
                            Doctor Report
 Lesson 14      Growth Summative Assessment

Media and Interactives

Virtual Microscope
Student Handouts, References, Readings

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