How do changes in Earth’s system impact our communities and what can we do about it?

Droughts & Floods Unit 


 Lesson 1         Drought & Flood Headlines 
 Lesson 6        Concentration of Gases
 Lesson 8        CO2 Data Graphs
 Lesson 11        Assessment Version 1, Version 2
 Lesson 14       no handouts for this lesson
 Lesson 15       Stakeholder Form, Project Options, Peer Feedback Assessment & Guidelines, Project Rubric
 Lesson 16       Reviewing our DQB

Media and Interactives

Lesson 1: Porterville Video on YouTube

                Vicksburg Video on YouTube

Lesson 2: Case Site StoryMap

Lesson 6: Optional Links:

                 Sun and Global Warming

                 Ozone and Global Warming


Lesson 7: Molecules and Heat Simulation 

Lesson 8: Drilling Ice Cores YouTube Link (7:31-8:52 only)

Lesson 9: Global CO2 Emissions on YouTube


Lesson 12: UCAR Climate Model

                   Project Drawdown Table of Solution

Lesson 14: Carbon Emissions Calculator

                   CO2 Emissions for the US

Lesson 15: Imagine the Future Video on YouTube

                  Green Ambassadors on YouTube (1:03 to 3:32 only)

Student Handouts, References, Readings

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